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Training Topics by Category

DISC Team Building and Communication Styles, 2 hours

Meeting of the Minds – Emergenetics team building, 4 hours

Team Building: Trust, Conflict Resolution, Commitment, Accountability, and Results, 6 hours

Time Management and Prioritization,  1.5 – 2 hours

Professional Etiquette – Business Casual, meetings, dinners, etc., 1.5 hours

Transitioning from Peer to Supervisor, 2-3 hours

  • How to get work done through others
  • Managing your time and productivity, organizational skills
  • Managing employees in remote locations

Delegation to develop your Employees, 1 hour

  • Tips to avoid procrastination

Time Management to Increase Productivity,1 hour


Performance Management, 2 hours

  • Identify performance gaps and how to close them
  • Documentation Effective Performance Evaluations
  • Conducting the Performance Evaluation meeting

Coaching feedback for productive workplace, 2 hours

  • Motivating employees to change their behavior-BEER coaching model
  • Celebrating positive feedback

Situational Leadership, 2-4 hours

  • Blend of Directive and Supportive Coaching feedback
  • When is each style most effective; adaptive skills

Conflict Resolution for Productive Work Environment, 1.5 – 2 hours

  • Thomas Killman Instrument Profile

Selection for Culture Fit, 2 hours

  • Recruitment sources, social media
  • Behavioral and skill based interviewing questions

Management Decisions that Mitigate Legal Risk, 1.5 hours

  • Employment Law Compliance
  • Harassment, Discrimination, and Bullying

Create a WOW Culture with a Multi-Generational Workforce, 1.5 hours

  • Recruitment and on-boarding
  • Communication, motivation, appreciation, feedback

Effective Work Teams, 12 hours

  • DISC Profile Communication, Team Building & Conflict Resolution (2 hours)
  • Meeting of the Minds Workshop – Emergenetics profile (4 hours)
  • Team Building based on Trust, Conflict Resolution, Commitment, Accountability, and Results (6 hours)

Authentic Leadership – Leadership Assessment profile,  3 hours

  • Values, Reputation, Leadership Visibility and Influence

Your Role as a Strategic Partner, 4 hours

  • Office politics versus strategic alliances
  • Emotional intelligence, relationship mapping

Leadership Courage,  3 hours

  • Delivering tough messages with compassion;
  • Conflict Resolution for a Productive Work Environment

Leading Change and Organizational Growth,  2 hours

  • Overcome resistance to change

Mentoring and Sponsorship, 2 hours

  • Identify a mentor and sponsor
  • Develop your skills as a mentor for future leaders

Results Oriented Leadership, 6 hours

  • Create a vision
  • Build trust, productively resolve conflict, create accountability and results

HR as a Strategic Business Partner, 2 hours

  • Relationships, Visibility, Influence, Trusted Advisor

Presentation Skills for the Facilitator 1.5 hours

  • Engage your Audience
  • Effective use of Power Point, speech and non-verbal

Conducting an HR Audit – Is your Company in Compliance? 1.5 hours

Time Management and Delegation for the Business Owner, 2 hours

Solving and Preventing Conflict in a Family Business, 2 hours

Providing Productive Coaching Feedback, 2 hours

Strategic HR for Small Business Owners, 4 hours

  • Selection for Culture Fit
  • Performance Management
  • Leading Change
  • HR Compliance and Forms – Reference tools

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