Mergers & Acquisitions

Effectively Integrate Teams

It’s never an easy task to integrate teams during a merger or acquisition. There are different cultural values, misaligned expectations and lots of fear about forthcoming change. That’s why it’s important to bring teams together, communicate frequently and define clear goals and outcomes. Amy can help with the entire process and define integration plans for leaders and employees.

Leadership Integration

Perhaps the most important part of a merger or acquisition is leadership integration. The following outline shows a proven method for making sure  the right leaders are in place and there’s a well-communicated plan of action for moving the company forward.

Leadership Assessment

In the first phase, Amy will help provide initial assessement of leadership styles at both organizations. She’ll share assessment results with the acquiring leadership team along with an integration plan based on the assessments. Assessment tools in this phase include the CPI 260 Leadership Assessment; Thomas Killman Instrument – conflict resolution styles; and Emergenetics Profile – communication, team building and behavioral styles.

Leadership Transition

Amy will help you develop a Leadership Transition Plan to successfully integrate both leadership teams, while honoring the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses on each team. Amy provides 6 months of coaching for both CEOs during the transition.

Results Oriented Workshop

During this two day workshop, Amy will guide both leadership teams through exercises and tools designed to:

  • Create a common vision
  • Build trust
  • Determine how decisions will be made
  • Determine how conflict will be productively resolved (using the TKI Assessment)
  • Create a Results Dashboard to define success and financial & operational performance measures
  • Create employee communication materials the CEO can use to introduce the new leadership team.

Executive Coaching

No transition happens overnight, so count on Amy’s ongoing support with executive coaching for any executives struggling with the changes. Through the coaching process, executives can determine if they’re a good fit with the new organization. If not, Amy can help them find and transition to another career path or company.

Thought Leadership & Support

CEO’s of newly merged companies need a lot of resources when leading change. Amy can support these effects and help the CEO develop the right teams and communication strategies to effectively guide the company forward.

Cultural Integration

  1. Create and implement new organization culture which honors the best practices of both organizations.
    • Utilize Denison Cultural Integration Survey
    • Expand upon Results Oriented Leadership workshop
  2. Create communication material and activities that bring the new culture to “life” for the employees and managers.
  3. Provide Transition Partnership Support with leadership team to implement new culture, for minimum of 6 months.

Employee Integration

  • Coach Human Resources Leader on leading change internally.
  • Collaborate with Human Resources team to revise performance management system to support leadership team’s organizational goals and culture.
  • Conduct analysis of employee handbook, policies, HR processes, compensation practices, and benefits to support culture and company goals.
  • Recommend changes for new company that honor best practices of both organizations and support desired culture.
  • Create employee communication materials.

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