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Outsource Your HR Needs

You started your business because you had a passion to provide a unique product or service. Now you’re growing and have a team of employees, but don’t have time to manage all the ins and out of being an employer. Sound familiar? Amy can help!

Key Benefits of Outsourcing HR


On Demand HR Support

Small companies don’t always need full-time HR staff. Pay for HR resources only when you need them.

Acquire and Retain Top Talent

Develop quality HR documents and well-conceived processes that help you attract and keep quality employees.

Peace of Mind

Partner with an experienced HR professional to ensure you’re following best practices and adhering to legal requirements.

Outside Perspective

Get creative, external perspectives for all types of employee situations…Amy has seen it all!

Focus on Your Business

Lighten your workload by letting Amy take on the day to day HR management you need to be a successful employer.

How Amy Can Help

Whether it’s helping you through a transition, doing an audit or developing key procedures within your company, Amy can help guide the way. Here are just a few consultative services Amy can provide:

Outsource HR Leadership

If you need HR expertise or  lose a key HR team member, Amy can step in to keep your department moving forward and performing to expectations.

HR Coaching

If you have inexperienced or new HR staff, Amy can help mentor them towards effective leaders and turbo-charge their onboarding and ongoing employee management processes.

Human Resource Audit

Get a comprehensive analysis of your HR practices, personnel files, and I-9 records for legal compliance and proactive solutions to gain efficiencies for your managers.

Compensation Plans

Get help creating budget-friendly compensation plans that drive performance:

  • Create salary ranges for your company, based on the work performed
  • Define merit increases linked to performance reviews
  • Develop executive compensation plans
Talent Management System Development

Performance Appraisal System

Develop a system that links performance to your business goals.  Give employees the information they need to improve performance, set goals and drive business results

Succession Plans

Develop a process to identify high potential employees in each department and define a comprehensive plan to develop all employees in the department.  Use information to create a talent pipeline with potential promotions within 5 years.

For New & Growing Companies

If you’re starting a company or growing quickly, it can be overwhelming to keep up with HR tasks and documentation. Partner with Amy to get all the resources you need quickly along with peace of mind that you’re complying with federal laws and procedures.

Staffing Resources:

  • Staffing model and Compensation plan
  • Application
  • Interview Questions – Employee and Management
  • Interview Questions – Legal Guidelines
  • Background Checks – DMV, prior convictions, drug testing
  • Employment Telephone Reference Check
  • Offer Letter
  • New Hire Training and On-boarding

Employment Forms:

  • W-4 form
  • I-9 form and Colorado Immigration Form
  • New Employee Checklist – includes background check information, employee training
  • Job Descriptions
  • Employee Change Form
  • Request for Time Off
  • Performance Appraisal form
  • Progressive Discipline form
  • Exit Interview form
  • Termination Checklist

  • FLSA Exemption Guidelines
  • Federal Law by number of Employees
  • Personnel file and Medical file contents
  • Record Retention Schedule

Employee Handbook

Putting together a clear handbook for your employees can be time consuming. Amy can help define policies and draft a handbook that meets your specific corporate needs.

Need Help with HR?

Talk to Amy about outsourcing all or part of your HR responsibilities.

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