Executive Coaching

Accomplish Your Personal and Corporate Objectives

With Amy as your partner and executive coach you’ll  become aware of your leadership behaviors and how they impact your team and affect the success of your organization.

Individual Coaching

Focus on your personal development goals as an executive. Amy will work with you one-on-one to uncover your leadership traits and set personal goals.

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Team Coaching

Focus on the results of any team with similar development goals. Amy will create a custom program to help every member of the team grow and help lead the team towards success.

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of clients get promoted within 1-2 years

Who Should Partner with an Executive Coach?

  • Professionals preparing for promotion
  • Executives who desire to increase influence, visibility, and effectiveness
  • Executives moving into a new company
  • Executives transitioning to a new role in current company
  • Executives leading transformational change
  • Executives preparing for retirement
  • Organizations integrating leadership teams during a merger and acquisition

How Does the Coaching Process Work?

Coaching occurs in a confidential environment, where it is safe to discuss your development goals.



Set up a coaching meeting to analyze your leadership needs. Bring an agenda of your priority items to maximize your results and time.

Assessment Tools

Increase your self awareness using various tools such as CPI 260, Emergenetics International Profile, DISC Profiles and customized 360 Surveys.

Action Plan

Develop a custom action plan based on your specific goals.

On-going Coaching

Increase your results, accountability to enhance your behavior, set goals and measure progress on goals; then celebrate your success.

We continually Reassess & Measure Results throughout the process…

Key Benefits of Working with an Executive Coach…


Improve Performance


Engage Employees


Increase Retention

What Are You Waiting For?

Talk to Amy today to move yourself and your corporate teams forward in leadership. 

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