Get Results from your Training Investment!

When you invest in training, do you wonder if your employees just had a fun day and will return to their same routine once they come back to work?  Most companies make a significant investment in training their workforce, only to be disappointed by the results.

Here are some tips you can use to get results from your training dollars!

  1. Discover what your employees are learning. Once you understand the new behaviors they have learned, you can recognize when they are practicing these skills at work and reward their new behavior.  If you haven’t attended the training personally, ask to see the agenda or review the training materials with the employee when they return to the office.
  2. Ask the employee what they plan to implement from the training they attended and how you can support them. Listen to their ideas for implementing the new skills or behaviors they learned at training and offer suggestions that have worked well for you.
  3. Catch them doing things Right! When you see the new behaviors, praise them!  Even if it isn’t perfect, praise the attempt and offer suggestions to enhance the implementation of their new skills.  What gets rewarded, gets repeated.  What gets ignored, gets forgotten.
  4. Practice the new behaviors yourself! If your employee is trying to show more appreciation to dependable, long-term employees; make sure you show appreciation to your employees too.  Be a great role model for the behavior you want to see on your team.
  5. Be consistent. Follow up every 2 weeks until the new behavior becomes a habit, which usually takes 90 days.  Then follow up monthly to reinforce the new skills on your team and turn the new habit into part of your team’s culture.

Positive reinforcement and recognition of new skills and behaviors is a proven way to maximize the investment in training your workforce.   Employees retain knowledge when they’ve had fun.  Now is a great time to turn knowledge into action!   What other ideas do you have for turning training into action?  Please share your best practices. . . . . . .

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