Delegation – Developing or Dumping? Part 2

I have met some incredibly bright and talented leaders.  When the topic of “delegation” comes up, they grimace and comment that they need to get better at that!

This is a 3 part blog on Delegation Tips for Success – What to Delegate, How to Effectively Delegate and Delegating the Task and the Authority.

How to Effectively Delegate

Once you have identified What you can Delegate, it’s time to plan Who and How will you delegate.

  1. Evaluate Delegation Needs – grab the list you created last week of assignments you are going to delegate and then walk through these questions.
  2. Prepare to delegate the assignment –
    • What is the Task?
    • What is the Responsibility level and intended results?
    • What resources are available if the employee needs help?
    • How does completing the assignment benefit the employee doing the work? Will the skills help advance their career or provide them with more opportunities to complete creative work?
    • What follow up will you do?
  3. Select the right person
    • Does the work belong to a particular position?
    • Who has the interest or motivation to do the work?
    • Who has the skills to do the work?
    • Who could be challenged by doing the work?
    • Who has time to do the work?
  4. Make the assignment – set a day and time to meet with your employee and give them the project and information you identified in step 2.
  5. Follow-up
    • Periodically check your level of involvement – too much or not enough?
    • Provide coaching and resources as needed
    • Intervene when necessary to keep the project on track
    • Share responsibility for success and “limited success” with the employee
  6. Evaluate the completed work and the process
    • Review the work with the employee
    • Give feedback and document their performance
    • Obtain their feedback regarding your level of involvement – too much or not enough?

Please take a few minutes to decide when you are going to delegate the 3 projects or assignments you identified and identify what information and support you need to provide your employees so they can be successful.

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