Delegation – Developing or Dumping? – Part 1

I have met some incredibly bright and talented leaders.  When the topic of “delegation” comes up, they grimace and comment that they need to get better at that!

This is a 3 part blog on Delegation Tips for Success – What to Delegate, How to Effectively Delegate and Delegating the Task and the Authority.

What to Delegate

All of us have items on our desk which we should delegate.

  1. Let’s start with that procrastination stack, which is usually on your credenza, on the floor, or hidden in a drawer. If you were motivated to complete it, the project utilized your strengths and you were the best person to complete it – You Would Have Done It by Now!  Let’s accept that you’re not the best person to complete it and delegate the task to someone else who is a better fit.  You may have been the best person at one point in your career – however are you the best person today?
  2. Other items you should delegate include repetitive routine tasks or decisions for you which could be a development opportunity for new employees on your team.
  3. Delegating projects that cross train your employees to increase flexibility of the workload and your team’s coverage when absences occur.
  4. Delegate opportunities to use and reinforce creative talents on your team which could add value to the project.
  5. When you are more concerned that something gets done and less concerned with how it gets done, consider delegating it. Then ask yourself – is it wrong or is it different?  If there is more than one “right” way to complete a task, this is a great task to delegate and let your employees learn from completing the new responsibility.

Please take a few minutes to identify at least 3 projects or items on your desk today which could be delegated.

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