Communicate Tough Messages with Compassion

Over 85% of Leaders dread communicating tough messages.  They want to help their employee be successful, but don’t want to hurt their feelings or risk demotivating them.  How do you communicate tough messages with compassion?

Two Purposes of a Coaching Conversation:

  1. Your first goal is to communicate your concern in a kind and compassion manner
    1. Seek to understand and be understood – describe the behaviors you are observing today and clearly communicate what success looks like!
    2. Create awareness so their behavior is a choice rather than a habit – what other options exist at work to successfully do their job
    3. Seek accuracy – clarify successful job performance and answer their questions to ensure they understand the desired performance or behavior
    4. Offer to create a shift – how can you support their new behavior
  2. Your second goal is to Produce a New Result
    1. Outcome of the Conversation – agree on the new behavior or performance with the employee
    2. Problem Solved – verify that the new behavior is successful and productive for the employee, customers and coworkers
    3. Action Plan Created and Upside/Downside of Action Plan – support and reinforce the new action plan and assess the advantages and disadvantages of the options prior to creating the action plan
    4. Movement toward Resolution – celebrate steady and gradual improvements toward the new performance goal

Please share other tips that have made your coaching conversations productive for you and your team.

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