2 Important Questions for Your Team

Managers frequently tell me that they dread giving performance feedback.    They are concerned that the conversation will result in a decrease in performance, an emotional reaction, employee complaints, and possibly turnover.  They also struggle with giving recognition and praise in a manner that is motivational for their team.  I have lead teams of two employees up to 100 employees and all sizes in between.  After years of trying to read my team and identify their preferred communication style, I developed these questions, which remove the “guess work” in coaching and praise and help ensure a successful conversation.

I ask each member of my team the following questions during a private conversation, when I am not giving them feedback.  I take notes on each employee’s preference and refer to my notes when I need to have a coaching or recognition conversation with the employee.  These questions have provided me with successful results and allowed me to take the “guess work” out of managing a team.

  1. How can I give feedback in a manner that is productive and meaningful for you?
  2. How can I recognize your accomplishments in a motivational and rewarding way?

What additional questions have you found beneficial in communicating development feedback and praise to your team?  Please share your success stories!

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